Andrew Hough

Andrew Hough at the fish market

L. Williamson’s buyers select and buy the best of the local catch landed daily at the local Shetland markets in Lerwick and Scalloway. Whole gutted fish can be shipped directly the same day. This way you can guarantee getting the fish product you require, of the finest quality, straight from the market.


MFV Radiant Star

Modern Local trawler

The Scottish fishing fleet is made up of modern hi-tech trawlers and seine-net boats. Refrigerated holds are a standard in many of the boats and throughout the fleet catches are iced-down immediately. Many or the most successful local boats land several times a week, ensuring their catch is as fresh and high quality as possible, giving them the optimum price and the end customer the best product.


Whitefish in the local market

Boxes of whitefish

The fish markets in Shetland are situated right in the middle of the North Sea and North Atlantic, right in the heart of the richest fishing grounds in the UK. Catches are landed into refrigerated modern markets, where our buyers inspect it to find the best product available each day. Fish is sold through the Shetland Seafood Auction , which ensures the highest standard of fish is maintained:




Shetland Seafood Auctions considers that the quality and accurate presentation of the fish on the market is paramount.  An onshore weighing and grading service providing accurate box weights and grades for high value species, such as monks, cod, lemon, sole, megrims, halibut, turbot and squid is now in place, and all other species are check weighed resulting in improved prices and buyer confidence.  It has also led fishermen to recognise the increased return in bringing their catches to market at the peak of freshness. (From shetlandauction.com)


The quality of the produce is also maintained and monitored by an independent local organisation, the Shetland Seafood Quality Control, who provide feedback to the fishing boats on a variety of quality aspects, enabling them to optimise their quality, grading, freshness and presentation which, again, benefits the end customer.